Connecting Startups and Investors’s main aim is to find the ideal investor for every startup.

The relationship with investors is long and close, therefore, choosing the right partners is essential. In addition to defining financial conditions, it is also important to set the framework for future cooperation in regard of the information flow, the intensity of the cooperation, the exit terms and possibly, operations.

The team at is building on its transaction experience gained at Big4 and multinational companies as well as Venture Funds to reach agreements that set the right framework for future cooperation, minimise room for potential misunderstandings and pave the way for both strategic and financial success.

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Preparation of the Business Plan

The business plan is one of the most important documents for a startup. It presents the business model, reflects the dynamics of the market, and forms the basis for the valuation of the company and the investment decisions as well.

Company Valuation

Calculation of the startup’s value is based on the business plan. Since the valuation is the basis for negotiations with the investors, it is important to have a solid, well established calculation. Methods used for valuation include DCF, multiples, ROI.

Identification of Potential Investors

Finding the right investor ensures the necessary funds for mid-term growth while making sure the startup is not paralysed with too tight control rights or administrative burdens.

Management of the Investment Process

It is essential to have a well-articulated Term Sheet and Shareholders’ Agreement. Documentation of the right legal and financial conditions ensures the possibility for growth by providing the right frame for the Founders’ plans to be realised.

for Investors

Target Identification

Search for Central-Eastern European based startups with innovative teams and great potential for growth in the most dynamically growing sectors such as IT, medthech, fintech, edtech, and agriculture.

Due Diligence

Examination of the market environment, validation of the product/market fit and business model, assessment of the Team, identification of key risks associated with the potential investment.


Evaluation of the existing business plan or the creation of a new one. Identification of the key drivers, sanity-check of the main assumptions, sensitivity-analysis, valuation of different scenarios. Methods applied: DCF, ROI, multiples.

Support in the investment process

Recommendations for the optimal structure of the transaction, suggestions regarding Terms & Conditions, participation in the negotiation process. Ltd.
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